System Mechanic

Radiographic system composed by a telescopic ceiling stand, that houses the radiogenic system, and a table with floating and elevating table top.

The stand is meant to be used with a table, or independently by addressing the x-ray beam toward other receptor devices.
· Stand for X-ray tube, mobile on ceiling rail, coupled to a bucky table with floating and elevating table top
· Movements of the tube in height and on the longitudinal and transversal axes
· Manual movements with mobile parts mechanically balanced, electromagnetic parking braking
· Under-table bucky mobile in the longitudinal direction, with hand grip for the movements and push button to unblock the brake
· Horizontal movement of the table top in the four directions with motorized height positioning
· Patient maximum balance-able weight of 150 kg
· Front tube control board to control the brakes and remote control of the movement of the table top lifting
· LCD for indication of the FFD and of the incidence angle